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Wall Art Tips: Wall art can make an incredible difference in the appearance of your home, including making your space more warm and welcoming. It can also be used to bring a little bit of your personality into your decor in a way that simply changing the paint color or installing new flooring cannot. This type of decor often serves as the focal point of a room, or as a conversation piece.

Wall Art Tips: Types of Art
A variety of home wall décor is available today, from decals or pre-printed murals, to framed posters and stretched canvas paintings or prints. The type that best fits your room may depend on a range of factors, including personal taste, budget and the style of the space. A mural or decals are often a good choice for a children’s room or playroom, while a large original canvas painting may be best displayed in a living room or a master suite.

Wall Art Tips: Buying Wall Decor
The price range on wall art can vary from less than a dollar at a thrift store to thousands of dollars for an original painting. Determining how much you want to spend is a key first step. If you only have a small budget, you may want to begin by looking at thrift stores or estate sales. They often have previously-loved home decor at affordable prices. Home decorating and home improvement supply stores usually sell wall decor that is moderately priced. It is important to remember, though, that these pieces are typically mass-produced and widely distributed. They will not be unique to your home, but are a good option for those with a moderate budget. Framing stores and art galleries offer the highest-end items, usually including both original paintings and high quality prints.

Wall Art Tips: Commissioning Custom Wall Art
When you think of commissioning a painting, you probably automatically see dollar signs. It has been said that art is an investment, and this is true in many cases. However, it’s not only well-known artists who paint on commission. You may have a friend or neighbor who paints murals, or a family member who enjoys metal sculpture. Ask around and see if there are any local artists offering a good deal on original works or prints. You may be able to score a lithograph or other print at a budget price, or have the artists paint a unique, original piece that you feel is worth splurging on just a little bit.

Wall Art Tips: Creating Wall Art
If you cannot find anything that seems to fit your needs in the store and you cannot afford to commission an original piece, you can always create something for your home on your own. Murals are made easier with the help of a projector, and pre-stretched canvas and paint can be found at any art supply store. Pinterest offers a multitude of ideas, and a quick Internet search can offer options. If you are not particularly artistic, you can have a family photograph printed on canvas at a reasonable price. Other alternatives include having your favorite song printed on large format paper and framing it, or creating a collage of favorite photographs.

When it comes to choosing wall art, there are no hard-and-fast rules. If you find a piece that you love and that fits within your budget, buy it. Your home should be, by its nature, designed to fit your needs and make you happy. While we all want our home to look great to others, any artistic work that you display proudly and enjoy daily is a great choice.

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