Top Myths About Solar Energy

Myths of solar energy

Misconceptions and Myths About Solar Energy Busted

Myths About Solar: Green energy is a very hot topic in today’s world. However, a lot of people are unaware of the great benefits and premise that the most promising form of renewable energy offers: solar energy.

Myths About Solar: Amount of Sunshine

For example, one of the most commong myths about solar, is a common assumption that a person must live in the Sunshine State to obtain any benefit. In fact, there is very little difference in the average daily sunshine in rural America. The sun shines an average of 5.6 hours a day in Miami and in Los Angeles. At the same time, the city of St. Cloud, in Minnesota enjoys an average of 4.5 hours at the same time. The difference which is less than 20%, does not really affect the evergy output. In comparison, Germany, (where it’s relatively cloudy through out the year), produces more solar energy than any other country in the world.

Myths About Solar: Solar Is Expensive

Solar is unfairly painted as a very expensive source of energy, in comparision to fossil fuels. What is worth noting is the rapidly falling cost of solar cells which makes solar far cheaper in the long run than fossil fuels. Moreover, it does not need a rocket scientist to understand that when you have to pay for the combustion of fuel in the next 20-40 years – no fuel costs – which might be a better way.

Myths About Solar

You may still feel that you can not install solar. A system by a panel resize any number – – you can expand a system, one group at a time. There are many other practical uses and small solar applications.

Myths About Solar: You Need A Lot of Solar Cells

A single small solar panels can run all your outdoor lighting home – – collect light and store in the daytime running lights in the morning. A single solar panel can be maintained by an SLA battery charge, to provide emergency lighting of your family during a power outage. That definitly beats a noisy generator in the garage. Solar has become very affordable to install. In the case of large and complex installations, the number of qualified contractors has increased remarkably.

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Whatever your opinion, everyone knows we can not continue to “consume” natural resources willy nilly. Solar is the most readily available solution to the every increasing energy needs. Everyobe should take responsibility for their energy consumption. Imagine the impact ‘reduce our personal consumption” will have on the reduction of the fossil fuel footprint. A portable solar installation does not mean giving up of mobile phones, laptops and other electronic products. Solar energy is the future.

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