Tips, Tricks & Answers to Cleaning Lamps and Lights

cleaning lamps and lights

Cleaning Lamps and Lights  –  The most common source of lighting in our homes and offices are typically going to be lamps, lights and even floor lamps (your local departments store is usually going to have enough of these items alone to fill an entire aisle). Since these are the most common forms of lighting today, just about everyone is familiar with the whole process of cleaning and maintaining their lights, and their lamps. But, what you may not be familiar with is all the time saving tricks that can seriously cut down your cleaning time. Did you know that there are ways that the light bulbs that you use for your lamps and other lights can even help you in other areas of cleaning? Find out how today, by simply taking a look here.

Cleaning Lamps and Lights: Tips, Tricks & Answers

The following are tips and tricks to cleaning different aspects of lamps and lights.

Cleaning Light Switches and Outlet Covers Safely

The most important thing to remember when cleaning in or around any electrical hardware is to turn off the power at the electric service box. Safely cleaning your light switch and outlet cover plates is relatively easy to do, but never takes shortcuts; always turn off the power first.

Cleaning Track Lighting Fixtures

Track lighting is a trendy, modern way of delivering light exactly where you want it, when you want it there. However, with track lighting comes a little bit of a challenge that most people do not think about at first, and that is cleaning. If you are interested in track lighting, then this is some information that you absolutely need to know.

Cleaning Up Broken Compact Florescent Lights

Compact florescent lights are becoming more popular due to their longevity and are thereby considered more environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, this environmentally friendly piece of household hardware isn’t exactly friendly to people when they get broken. Here is how you can safely and efficiently clean up broken compact florescent light debris.

cleaning lamps and lights

Restoring Light Fixture Covers

Over time everything get’s a little dirty, and it is no different with light covers either. When time passes, and you don’t take care to clean your light fixture covers, you will need to do a little more in depth cleaning. Luckily, restoring light fixture covers is a fairly easy process.

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