Home Lighting: 10 Reasons For LEDS

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Different styles and applications of home lighting are abundantly available for shoppers in the United States when they are considering adding or changing their habitat lighting fixtures.  In fact, numerous choices in designs are available for both the interior and exterior of homes. Moreover, different types of light bulbs are also available when choosing the type of  home light homeowners wish to use in their residence.

One type of light bulb available for lighting homeinteriors and exteriors is the light emitting diode, also known as LED.  Popular uses of LED home lightinginclude solar pathway lighting and low voltage pathway lighting, among other applications. Listed below are ten factors about LED home lighting consumers may wish to consider before purchasing lighting for the home that uses light emitting diode light bulbs in the lighting fixture’s design:

10 Reasons For To Use LEDS For Home Lighting

(1) Light emitting diode light (LEDS) are very energy efficient.

(2) LEDs tend to have a much longer life span than incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs.

(3) Unlike incandescent light bulbs, LEDs do not tend to get hot, since they release little heat.

(4) LEDs tend to be ecologically friendly, not only due to their energy efficiency, but also due to the fact that they do not contain mercury.

(5) LEDs tend to provide less light (lumens) when, for example, compared to incandescent light bulbs. Consequently, with the current techology in use, several LEDs are needed to provide adequate lighting.

(6) LED technology continues to develop.

(7) The quality of LED light bulbs vary.

(8) LED light bulbs that are ENERGY STAR listed have met ENERGY STAR’s high standards for lighting.

(9) LEDs do not tend to burn out abruptly at the end of their life. They start to dim.

(10) White LEDs do not attract bugs, due to the fact that they do not emit ultra violate light.

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‘Tis the season for lighting chains

Thus, just as there are many choices when selecting lighting for the home, choices are also available when it comes to the type of light bulb the lighting fixture uses.  Homeowners may therefore wish to consider if the light emitting diode is a good choice for the application for which they plan to use the lighting.

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