Cleaning Floors The Correct Way

Cleaning Floor The Correct Way

Ways To Clean A Floor

Cleaning Floors: To know that you have done a good house cleaning job will mean having done a good cleaning floor job. Clean floors are a requirement for any room to look neat and clean.

New Hoover for your floors

House cleaning covers a whole multitude of jobs and one of those is cleaning floor. How cleaning floor in any room is tackled will depend upon what material is on the floor. For example a linoleum floor will require a different method of cleaning floor than a stone floor.

Every home should own a broom. And the broom needs to be a good fit with your type of floor, for instance a smooth floor will get away with synthetic brooms whereas a rougher floor would clean better with a natural fiber broom. Brooms are great for a quick wipe round or a more intense cleaning floor project.

Cleaning floors is an art and each floor type carries its own little secrets of how to get it clean.

Should you be cleaning a ceramic tile floor never use a mop with a sponge head as all this will do is pull the dirt back into the grout tracks therefore making the floor really difficult to clean. A better option to cleaning a ceramic tile floor would be to use a micro-fiber mop.

A floor that is covered in linoleum needs to be cleaned with a solvent that is not chemical based. Avoid alkaline products as these can turn the linoleum yellow and never use an aggressive scrubbing with a scrubbing pad.

Hardwood floors can be cleaned using an oil soap. Before using an oil soap make sure that the floors have been swept and are dirt and dust free. Apply the solution to the floor with a most sponge or mop making sure that the floor does not get overly wet.

An unglazed tile floor can be vacuumed and then mopped over with a mild detergent and water.

Rubber tiled floors should be cleaned regularly with water and detergent and concrete floors require regular sweeping and then washed with a degreaser or detergent based cleaner.

Before using any cleaner on a floor surface be sure to try it out on a small piece first.

Cleaning floors is not everybody’s favorite way of passing time but a clean floor will make all the difference to the appearance of a room. And knowing how to clean your type of floor cleaning properly will make for easier cleaning and less cleaning.

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